Message-of-the-Month Empowerment Series
with David Hulse, D.D.

The Message-of-the-month Empowerment Series (M.O.M.) is designed to keep you informed of the empowering message flowing to us through David each month. The  staff creates a CD each month that best represents the timely and thought provoking inspirations David has co-created. David then sits down and adds a greeting to those who receive the M.O.M. The message is then sent to all who choose to participate in the M.O.M. Empowerment Series. The M.O.M. also contains current announcements of upcoming events and excerpts from upcoming guest speakers. Each CD is "hot off the press" keeping you informed and empowered.

A New M.O.M. Participant Describes Her Experience:

I just got my first Message-of-the-Month and am VERY excited about what was said. I look forward to receiving the messages each month. Some of the things that you talked about are in line with what we are experiencing and experimenting with here in Tallahassee at this time. The energy that is coming in at this time is very exciting and we have been "making ourselves available," as portals for this new energy to be expressed.

The thing that drew me to your teachings is really very hard to explain. Obviously, the information you impart feels very high vibrationally, but itís more than that. When you are giving a workshop, your teachings feel very multi-dimensional. They are awakening ideas and provoking thoughts lying dormant until now. I feel as if I am being fed vibrationally, and this is creating an interesting response on so many different levels. As you know, when you are becoming in touch with true spirit, 3-D words do not work in describing the depths within.

I am truly glad that I was introduced to your ministry, David. It is helping me to rapidly unfold, and remember. Thank you so much.

Indrah Eyman

A long time listener shares her thoughts:

I thank you for your faithful M.O.M.  I always listen to each one at least five times.  Thanks for your bravery to check out new ideas and to take a deeper look at the old concepts.  You've brought new insight to the old and clarity to the new which gives room for growth, wisdom and freedom to watch, wait and investigate "whatever" shows up on our path.  You have made a positive difference in my life!  T.H. FL


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