One Seed - God's DNA

By - David Hulse, D.D.

Our greatest treasure is not natural possessions or money, but is that which is hidden deep within our own subconscious. It is that dark unused part of our self that is, in fact, light that is unconscious of itself. Darkness is unconscious light. When I first read that statement in one of Carl Jungís books, it resonated within me as truth. That truth recalled to me Davidís statement in Psalms where he said, "Make me like you that sees light and darkness alike." There is no separation in light and darkness. The part that is light to you is what has been enlightened to you, but there remains a lot in us yet to be discovered in our darkness. We have been getting rid of our fears, so that we can dive into the deep, deep waters of consciousness. The book of Job refers to "The treasures of the darkness". Psalms 18:11 says, "God has made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters and thick clouds."

I read in physics that for hundreds of years, scientists stared at the dark covering of the nucleolus of the nucleus, but no one ever studied it because they didnít think anything was there. No one wanted to go into that little dark spot in the middle of the cell. To the Western mind darkness means nothing. We have always gone for the Ďsomethingí, or we have gone toward the light. When you are the light there is no need to go to the light, but the nature of the light is always to explore the darkness of itself - the unknown - the mystery. There are many words people use to describe the search. One of them is Ďoccultí which merely means hidden from view. Many are afraid we are of the occult. Of course, we are. We didnít say a Ďcultí, but Ďoccultí. We are those who dare to delve into the deep mysteries and secrets of life. Metaphysical is another word that is used for those who look for the spiritual meaning behind words or symbols and seek to discover the inner codings that have been kept a secret (mystery) from the masses.

The Mystery Is Finished

I quote so often from the Bible the verse, "The mystery is finished and time shall be no more." For many years my ego interpreted that to mean that God was mysterious and wanted to play hide and seek with us. Finally, I looked up the word mystery, as used in the context of this scripture, in its original translation in the Greek and found it to mean "a secret or mystery through the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rights". (Strongís Concordance) God is not mysterious Ė man-made religions have kept things mysterious to the masses so that the people would not be empowered. This is just the egoís system, or the lower aspect of the mind, that is personified in the religions of hierarchy or patriarchy. They have placed God far beyond us, unreachable, and way beyond our intelligence. This knowledge was just for the learned or lettered. What frees us from this untruth is when we realize that we all have access into the most holy place. The genuine most holy place (nucleolus of the cell) is not a space in an external natural tabernacle, but it is deeply within each of us in our own tabernacle (body).

So, this dark spot in the cell continued to be overlooked as they continued to search for the reasons that certain characteristics were passed down from generation to generation. The Greeks thought it had to be in the blood and studied that possibility until others said, "No, it had to be in the cell itself", but they, too, continued to bypass this little dark place. When scientists finally looked there they discovered where the human blueprint had been all along, behind the dark cloud.

The Fifth Element: Physis

In studying a little about quantum theory, I found electrons to be an interesting thing. When observed they appear as a small particle of energy spinning around in the cell. Physics has advanced itself into a new Ďphysisí, a new spirituality. It is a word that Aristotle used to show that Plato was not correct in his idea that everything was water, fire, earth, and air. He said, "No, there is a fifth element, a quinessence", that he called a physis. That is the word he used for spirit. We are finding that the word for physics and physical is the same word for spirit. They are not separate, but are Planckís Constant of Ďenergy equals energyí. Everything is energy. We have come to understand there is no more inner and no more outer. There is no more up and no more down. There is no more this and no more that. This is the Ďfieldí of which the great philosophers spoke some thousands of years ago. Rumi said, "Beyond all right and wrong, beyond all good and evil there is a field. Meet me there." Jesus spoke of the treasure in the field, the pearl of great price. Quantum theory says they have found the unified field. I said, "Well, here is the field. That mystery is finished. They will not hide that one in the archives of a museum or the Vatican any longer. All truth is coming out of the closet."

A transformation is emerging in all the systems of man. Science has a new science. Medicine has new integrative alternative protocols. There is a new spirituality emerging from the orthodox religions. "The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ."

Scientists continued to look into the anthropic principle (Man, ie the anthropos, is the goal and the cause of the observed universe. In other words, the observer and the observed are necessary to each other. This principle was first formulated in 1961 by R. H. Dicke at Princeton University and is often recognized as true by cosmology) which means they have challenged our whole idea of why we have an observed universe of matter, by the way, which is only ten percent observable of all the billions of other galaxies and suns that there are. The rest is called dark ghost matter. It is such a high level of invisible frequency that moves through this very frozen world of matter that we know. It is common knowledge that we only use about ten percent of our brain and the other ninety percent is not used. We are only constructed from about three per cent of our DNA and the other ninety-seven percent is called junk DNA. Why they have called it junk is they believed it was left over DNA from our evolution. Because it was all past, it was just junk. The real truth is that it is our future. It is not our past at all. It is our new ability and potential to design our future as a new species. It will be as radical as when human beings moved from being Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. It is when we moved from living out of our nervous system, our parasympathetic and our sympathetic fight and flight system of survival of the fittest, to becoming the thinking human. It is when we moved into consciousness.

Consciousness Begins

The Bible begins at this point of manís consciousness. The whole story of Adam and Eve is the beginning of our second epic, which is our adolescence. The whole infancy of man has been edited out of our history. It was a time when there was no dominion over the earth and man did not have dominion over women who were accepted as the creator of physical life and was honored as the goddess in partnership with Mother earth. Nothing that paleontologists or geologists have found from that time indicates there was any war or violence then. Information drawn on cave walls during this time are mostly pictures of pregnant women indicating their idea of spirituality was Father sky raining on Mother earth to bring forth life. Man did not even know that he carried the sperm of life and when he did come to that knowledge everything changed. This past adolescent age of hierarchy and patriarchy of menís domination over women, the earth, and each other is now coming to a close. Adolescency is a very difficult time to get through. Just observe your teenagers, but we are just about through it and are ready for adulthood. When we move out of our adolescent Homo sapien stage to our Homo universalis stage (a universal human) it will be just as radical a change as the former. The Bible calls it the new creation man. It is when the very seed of God unites with the individual divine mind that produces a new blueprint, a new pattern that will start rebuilding a new kind of human being.

The Father and I are One

This seed is singular and not of a plural descent. We all come from different ancestry that is made of many seeds. The Bible tells us the Christ seed is not made of many but is one seed. The one seed is our universalism and what makes us all related. We havenít been able to accomplish this in the egoís system. The ego borrows from truth because it has no truth of its own. The ego is nothing therefore it has to get hold of something. The only something there is, is truth so, the ego has to use truth in some way and somehow reform it. It takes what has been created and reforms it into something that retains its agenda, an agenda that is always separation. If you listen attentively you will still hear this idea in the new consciousness movement and in statements like, "God is in me. The kingdom is in me". I am one thing and God is another. We must heal the last of all separation and give a clear sound to the inhabitants of the planet. A clear sound that says, "The Father and I are one". A clear sound that says, "I and my brother and sister are one." We then become the Ďunified fieldí made manifest!

What is coming out in quantum theory is very challenging to the belief system. The belief system doesnít give up easily for it has been in control for thousands of years. We have been living Adamís dream. A deep sleep came upon Adam and he fell into a colder atmosphere of his mind. How he saw himself was projected upon a symbol that was later called God. God, literally, becomes the place where manís beliefs are deposited. God becomes the collective belief of man himself, a monotheistic God. What God becomes in religion is actually the collective belief systems that are handed down through enough generations to encode these beliefs in the human DNA. People, many times, think they have changed because they have changed their belief system and adopted new terminology. But let them have an unexpected event catch them unaware and you will hear those old recordings coming out of them again. The old fears, the old angers and all the old doubts surface again because it is recorded neurologically and registered vibrationally in the cells of the body. When these type of beliefs are passed down through enough generations the receptor sites on our molecules pick up these messages energetically and translates this as misspelled information which changes the sequence of our DNA. This is what the Bible is referring to when it says, "The sins of the fathers are passed down to the third and fourth generation". This all has to do with GENEaration. How we are GENEarationed.

Dealing with Beliefs at the Cellular Level

In a bar you may find someone that is completely drunk and they may start preaching to you, telling you that you are going to hell because you are in a bar. These declarations are coming out of their genetics. Itís coming from their neurological system that carries the beliefs of their ancestors. That is why we have to deal with these things at the cellular level. The ego mind has set itself up in our bodies to rule as God. The belief system is peopleís God. Wars are fought over what people believe. People will murder someone over what they believe God to be. They have no real experience of what God is, but act on what God is in their belief system. If you touch peopleís belief systems, you have touched their God.

It is wonderful to share with someone your ideas and thoughts, but you may find they see things a little differently than you. But, itís okay. When that defense mechanism doesnít rise up and the need for validation is not present, that is when you will know you have come through old paradigms of thinking and have entered into a new space within.

According to Quantum Theory they have discovered that the electron is not a particle at all when it is not being observed but, actually, it was a wave that filled the entire nucleus in the form of a cloud of probability. So, physicists called the electron, when it is not observed, a cloud of probability, which is the principle of uncertainty. This is the dark cloud in which God has hidden himself in the form of a divine human blueprint. This is how we build a spirit body or a divine body. According to Mayan, Hopi and other Indigenous prophecies a time will come somewhere between 2005 and 2012 when we will see this accomplished and a new norm stabilized on planet earth. Your presence here at this time is not an accident, rather you chose to be here to be the bridge between the old and the new. Feel this information - donít think it. This information will change the world. We are in the quantum age. Even now, a more subtle world has been found beyond the subatomic world. Beyond the particles, electrons, neutrons, protons, and beyond the atom itself, there is a whole new world called bio photons. We are, finally, out of the world of effect and are connecting to the world of cause. Bio photons are not things but are impulses of energy that structure and restructure molecules. Through frequency and vibration we can access the receptor sites of our molecules to receive a whole new vibration that will restore the sequence of our DNA to the original seed (blueprint).

The Missing 18 Years

This does not mean we will lose our individualization but we may lose much of our individualism. The whole idea of our Creator must have been to individualize itself but not to be a separate individual. At the point in which this intelligent source had its own experience of self-realization something happened at the level of quantity (One in all) but nothing changed at the level of quality (all in One). When you test the quality of the water in a swimming pool, you just take a little test tube of water. What is in that test tube reveals what is in all 30,000 gallons of water in the pool. Two thousand years ago Jesus said, "If you have seen me, you have seen my Father". He literally, physically became the blueprint of the biological manifestation of a complete different set of information than the information that he received through his natural bloodline. Why do you think He shed His blood? What we get out of this metaphysically is that he shed his entire ancestry of His bloodline so that He could manifest the light of the Christ. Godís DNA! He was, and is, the Son of God. We can only say that by faith spiritually, by going within. Jesus didnít have to go within to say it. He could say, "Touch me. My kidneys, my lungs, everything is made out of light and spirit vibration. Everything that God is I became." He said, "Now I will give you the way." And that is what they edited out of our Bible Ė the way. They took out eighteen years of His life. Why? Because those 18 years were the process. There is some powerful information in print today about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and about the crucifixion. By itself it is pretty scary information to what is left of a Christian belief system in us, but at the same time, I try to embrace everything that exists and it becomes powerful because there is something of truth in it. If we donít look at any one thing as absolute, then I think we are safe to go into everything. There are no absolutes in anything. You do have to eat the grapes and spit out the seeds. You have to discern between the wheat and the tares, and be willing to delve into different things realizing in most cases there is something there that is of importance and may hold a key that resonates with your own inherent intelligence.

The whole history of the Bible is generational. Do you recall reading the many verses that tell who begat whom all the way down to Jacob where we find him on his way to find a wife and procreate? Why did he have the dream of the ladder that reached to heaven when he was on his way to procreate and pass down his genes? Many believe this dream is an archetype of the DNA. The ladder being the configuration for the DNA with the rungs or ribs being the nucleotides which carry the information of the double helix.

Connected by the One Seed

Jesus, being the last Adam, is the one who stops all this generational mis-sequencing. He was, at the same time, the end (omega) and the beginning (alpha). Thatís why He said he didnít come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. He brought and effected a transition from one age into another. Many people think we are here trying to destroy their established values and culture, but we are here to fulfill what their religions have taught them they can have after death. We are here to tell them it is available now and to be the bridge between worlds, between the world that is dying and the one that is being born. Because we havenít died, they donít accept this as truth. They think we are in error. They know in heaven everyone is going to be one family, but if you start to teach now how we are all spiritually connected by the one seed of Godís DNA then you are considered to be in a cult.

A different text was manifesting as the flesh to dwell among us. It was through Jesus coming and the shedding of old ancestry that the divine identity of the Christ was individualization as man. Inherent in the created is its own ability to become a creator. But, the first real creation didnít show up until the last Adam (pronounced aw-dawm in the Hebrew) which means the blood of the Lord. Jesus became the blood of the Lord. He was not the blood of Joseph, He was not the blood of Israel, and He was not the blood of race, nor was He the blood of gender. He was the blood of the Universal Living Christ made flesh and became the prototype (or firstborn as itís called in the Bible) which comes from the Greek word prototokos.

The Same Mind

Religion didnít get it. They didnít realize that the whole idea of spiritual community or the ecclesia, commonly called the church, was not for the reason of holding information from the masses, but was to be the vehicle or means of populating the planet with Godís DNA. Jesus represents the DNA of God finally making it to the cellular level of human beings on this earth.

Jesus was a part of the last, I think, of a bloodline or lineage of messiahs. I do not think Jesus is the first messiah but I think that there had been many other messiahs in other cultures. What made Him different was the fact that He declared Himself to be the Universal Christ. Jesus was more than the Son of God. He was the Divine incarnate on the earth. He dared to declare man and God one and the same. He said, "No", to the system of his Jewish lineage through the tribe of Judah, which would have privileged Him to sacred and secret information. Thatís why He left Jerusalem and traveled to other places to study and empower Himself so that when He returned to Jerusluam He would be qualified and ready to be all that He was meant to be. So, Jesus became the Messiah and Christ by His inner identity, not because the system anointed Him to be that, therefore they had no power or control over Him. Jesus said to them, "Do with me what you want, but I have become the physical manifestation of the information that makes up a cellular divine being. As the seed was given to me, I now will pass it on and it will not abide alone. I will fall into good ground and I will produce a thirty, a sixty, and a hundred-fold harvest after my own kind. I am not here to produce Christians but I am here to produce that that I AM."

Blessings, David




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