Relationships: Starmates, Soulmates & Twin Flames

Booklet by David Hulse

The dynamics of projection is one of the most powerful truths to be learned. The ego loves to project something that is on the inside of us that needs healing or forgiveness, to the outside upon others. This kind of thinking causes us to play out a psychodrama that believes we are the victims of something or someone else. It is maturity when you can choose not to see yourself as the victim and take responsibility for your own life. We are not going to change our lives until we are able to take responsibility for our own suffering and our own pain. The other side of this truth empowers us, because if we made our own pain we can change the dynamics that created it.

If somebody else created your pain then it will take somebody else to undo it for you. That is why we have remained in our adolescent hero worship of projecting upon others our need for them to come and save us. We don’t think we are responsible for own lives. We think everything has been done to us by the devil, by society, by religion, by parents, by family, and etc. The real truth is that all of our relationships have been assignments for the opportunity to grow.

A lot of the people that I meet across the country are single and the reason for this, I believe, is that they have attained a certain level of consciousness and they can’t ‘hook up’ with just anybody as many others do. Jesus said, "Where much is given, much is required." When you see the difference between a ‘special relationship’ and a ‘wholly relationship’, you have to hold out for the ‘wholly relationship’. (Wholly instead of holy that carries the meaning of being separate or set apart.) Special relationships are fun for awhile because the ego will bless a ‘special relationship’ in the beginning only to betray you in the end. What that means is that any relationship that you enter into with someone whether it is ‘wholly’ or more ‘special’, if given over to God, God will use it for a purpose, but if you stay beyond the purpose, it will turn around and betray you. This type of relationship progresses into a dysfunctional one with the partners becoming co-dependent. Doesn’t that ring a bell with some of you that started out in a relationship that was hot and heavy, only to find six months or a year down the road that you had given your power away to that person and projected upon them. You were looking to receive from them what you had not found in yourself.

We are like the puppy dog that will follow anybody home when it is given attention. All you have to tell us is how beautiful or wonderful we are - "Let’s get married. I’m in love with you." That’s when we ‘fall’ in love with somebody. We don’t want to fall. Every relationship should be a reason to rise, to grow, to develop and attain a higher consciousness because of what that other person brings into our process co-creatively. There is nothing wrong with being in love but you don’t want to fall into an entrapment of the ego. The reason people ‘fall’ in love is because they didn’t think they were very beautiful, smart, etc. and someone told them they were, so they wanted that person in their life because they told them something about themselves that they had not found in themselves. So people take their spirit and energy and plug into the other person. You are not a victim because it is your own power that you have given away. If you are abused, it is because your own power was used against you. That is what the ego is. It is the one mind split and turned against its self. There is only one power and that is the divine power. That part of our own divinity is the only thing that needs to be healed or saved. I find the root meaning of the word devil quite interesting. The ‘de’ of devil comes from the root word for divine. And ‘il’ or ill carries the meaning that the divine is ill. It does not mean intrinsically that the divine is ill or evil or wrong but there is a part of the divine that has separated from its self, taken on a false identity and doesn’t remember that it is divine any longer. Therefore, it looks to the outside for its identity, which it gets from society, culture or religions. Those can be very ill, misinformed ideas. The word evil that is used by Jesus in the New Testament, in the Greek, means something that is not evil intrinsically. The essence of our being is not evil its self but it is the obstruction in our energy. It is what has been validated in the belief system from the outside that may be an ill thought. Jesus said, " Do not call me good, the only good is my Father which is in heaven." God is always good, even when that which is good receives things that are not good into its self, it does not change its self intrinsically. That’s why very good people can do very bad things; very spiritual divine people can do very devilish horrible things because they buy into the obstruction and forget their intrinsic essence.

Join David Hulse as he explores the various relationships in our lives: Starmates, Soulmates & Twin Flames.

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