Re-writing Our Life Script

by: David Hulse, D.D.

As free moral agents, we were endowed with the power to choose and create the conditions of our earthly experiences. We created (or mis-created) the conditions seen on the earth today when we turned from the mind of spirit to the mind of ego. (Easing God Out)

"And  the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the BREATH OF LIFE; and man BECAME a living SOUL" (Gen. 2:7).

The Hebrew word for Breath is neshamah, meaning "intellect, divine inspiration, soul, spirit." This is the "breath of life" God breathed into the physical. It was spirit expressing itself as soul, and they were one.

This Scripture goes on to say that the person BECAME, through a process of free-will, a living soul. This soul is different from the neshamah; divine inspiration of spirit-soul breathed into humankind by God. A Living Soul in the Hebrew is nephesh, meaning "animal, bodily or mental, beast, desire, greed, lust, mortal." Nephesh is not the spirit-soul God breathed into us, but is the soul we became. We were given a spirit-soul, which contained both the ability and capacity to think and express higher thought. We, through the soul we became, began to think about the thoughts of the spirit-soul we had been given through the breath of life. A distorted perception was developed through this process and we became a different thinker. We became beings with a different point of view and a different mindset. Nephesh is the mind that we BECAME, through a process, which appears adversarial to the reality of Spirit-mind.

"A double-minded person is unstable in all their ways." (Paraphrased, James 1:8) Double in the Greek is dipsuchos meaning, "two spirited, vacillating in opinion or purpose" Here we see the two perceptions — the spirit-soul mind God breathed into us, and the living soul, which we ourselves formed and became. The higher spirit-soul mind breathed into us was soon forgotten, lying dormant under the mirage of counterfeit expressions and experiences produced by the nephesh soul we became.

There are many areas of our psyche, or soul formed by our own thinking, that is immature. It is of great significance for each individual to know and understand where their nature originated in order to comprehend the cause of immaturity. Both the nature of humanity with its immaturity and our higher nature can be reconciled.

"For the creation (nature) was subjected to frailty- - to futility, condemned to frustration — not because of some intentional fault on its part, but by the will of him who so subjected it {yet} with the hope "(Romans 8:2O Amplified)

"Who hath saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our own works, but according to his own purpose and grace which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began "(II Timothy 1:9)

Each individual was given a nature before the foundation of the world. With that nature came a miraculous faculty for preservation in all situations. We were blamelessly subjected to frailty, futility, and condemned to frustration. However, this was for the precise purpose of bringing a higher design for the earth into full expression. Our individual nature, with its supposed weaknesses, must be viewed through the light of a higher purpose, intention, and destiny. Life- long voids of frustration, anger, and total confusion will be filled through the understanding of our own unique nature.

Every one who continues the path of progressive truth will, at some point, think from the nephesh understanding: "I wish I could do it differently. I wish I could live my life over." Dealing with the affairs of life will continue to present great difficulty until one is able to say: "I would walk no differently. I would live my life no differently." You must embrace your nature, and understand that it is from your own unique individuality that you learn, expand, and prepare to teach and instruct others. Intense hells are created out of a futile attempt to escape the very nature that was purposed and intended as a learning process. This process unlocks a great ability, clothed in compassion, to relate to human fault and frailty.

We have not understood our immaturity and often hide from others because of this lack of understanding. The true self is totally hidden and the game of life is played by actors on a stage living their lives in an attempt to please others. Immaturity is a lack of expansion, a lack of growing up to the capacity or the element required for the full expression of each individual personality. In other words, we will continue to create and experience great voids of frustration, anger, confusion, lack and immaturity until we attain whatever element or capacity our own unique personalities require.

Voids are created during the first few years on the earth after the transition is made from spirit to matter. Limitations are set and accepted during the first few years of life as an infant. It is during this period that the course is set as to how far in life one will go. These root beliefs are then reinforced up through the adolescent years. By the time adulthood is reached, patterns have been set and we have programmed ourselves, or psychologically written our own script.

Throughout one’s entire life, conscious decisions are often made by the conscious mind to break out of old patterns. However, if deep within the sub-conscious programming, the ego does not believe it is possible, faithfulness to the set boundaries set will soon be maintained at all cost. On rare occasions these boundaries and limitations may be exceeded, but soon the vows of faithfulness to the ego will be renewed. All actions will be counteracted and all outer manifestations will be brought back to the level of perception originally decided upon. We are the ones who will make sure that we do only what we have programmed ourselves to do. We will remain imprisoned within the boundaries the ego has set, condemning ourselves if we step out and move toward success and happiness. While we may deny this statement at the conscious level, the power to sabotage ourselves lies in the subconscious.

We may think we’d like to have a million dollars, meet the person of our dreams, or become successful in the business world; however, if our ego has accepted poverty, rejection, or failure, that is all we can experience. We will destroy anything that would take us away from the set pattern.

A person with a strong mind may be able, for a season, to change the experiences of their outer world, yet remain in a state of total confusion within. Nothing they do will ever be enough because inner peace cannot be bought with material wealth or success. For this reason, the script cannot be rewritten through mental effort, or religious or emotional experiences. Only by contacting the Spirit of God — our higher self, neshamah, divine spirit-soul — can a new script be written! We are given a principle as to how this can take place in Heb. 8:10:

"This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel, AFTER THOSE DAYS, saith the Lord; I will put My laws into their MIND, and write them in their hearts, and I will be to them a God..."

The word after expresses "association with that which is joined, participation, and accompaniment." Once the lower perception is aligned with our innate higher perception, we have then experienced the miracle – a shift in perception.

"Positive thinking" alone has been ineffective because it does not address the cause of a situation. It may temporarily change an effect, but because the cause is not dealt with, it only produces false hope. But, it is only an illusionary feeling and will crumble all too soon because it is impossible to go beyond set boundaries. When the mind can be cleared to receive instructions from the Spirit, it empowers us to rewrite the script of life through embracing and understanding why we have been given our own unique individuality and personality.

There are two natures fighting to survive — the nature of the divine spirit-soul, and the nature of the soul we have become through how we have observed and experienced the world around us. This is the lion and the lamb that must lie down together. Progression and maturity will harmonize these two natures into one beautiful melody. The experiences of the soul person that has been formed of our own free will is that part of our nature from which we learn true compassion. The divine spirit-soul breathed into the nostrils holds the original blueprint for a life free from disease, old age, and death. With this blueprint comes a complete set of instructions on how to build a body through which the higher self can express and manifest the reality of immortal life. How can we experience a shift in perception? The first step is to view all aspects of your life with great respect, no longer judging good or evil. Allow both facets of our nature to be transmuted and harmonized. This will bring amazing tranquility to our inner world. At this point, the shift in perception has begun! We are ready to embark upon a new phase of our journey into awakening and maturity. We will begin to receive instructions from our higher self that will set in motion a great readjustment to the affairs of the outer world. Will we listen?

Blessings,  David


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