Dear Light Within Friends,

Maintaining the webcast, preparing the recordings and keeping the equipment up to date is costly.  To offset these costs, we offer access to the live webcasts and the previous recordings on a subscription basis.

You can always attend the (non-series) live events at Unity of Charlotte on a free-will offering basis. 

The monthly subscription donation is $19.95.  This will give you access to the live webcast (Wednesdays at 11:00 AM EST) and the recordings for that month.  The subscription can be on a one time basis OR a recurring basis.  The link below will give you the ability to pay the fee one time for the current month.  If you want this to be a recurring payment, please call Tim at 980-949-8921.  Each month you will receive a new password good for access that month.

Monthly Webcast and Recordings Access Donation: $19.95    

TO AVOID SHIPPING CHARGES: As you check out, please choose from the drop down box: "Special Payments or Non-Shippable Items" to avoid additional shipping charges. This box is found below billing information and above shipping information.  No refunds if you pay the 7.50 - Thanks for the donation! 

You will receive a PDF Download upon checkout with instructions and the password.

If you have already paid the fee and know the current month password:


For a list of current live webcasts
and previous recorded events
to which you will have access,
Click here...

A few items of interest to get the best experience:

1) A wired connection works best.  Wireless connections can be intermittent.  All connections are subject to internet traffic fluctuations.
2) You may be asked to update your adobe flash player.  You must do this step in order to participate.
3) It is not necessary to "Start Your Webcam"  since the only webcam we will use it the one showing David. 
4) If you wish to communicate during the live event, please use the chat option.
5) To sign in, use the Guest Option - please provide your name (and location if you wish...)

Thanks for attending!


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