The Circular Blueprint

By David Hulse, D.D.

It is impossible to teach about spirit to the natural mind. The natural mind cannot understand words unless we box them into something. That is why we cannot comprehend spirit, because spirit cannot be boxed in. Spirit is everywhere; it is omnipresent, omniscient; it is everywhere at the same time; it is the totality of itself; it is the I AM; it IS. To manifest that outwardly in a symbol, it must be in the symbol of the circle.

I am going to begin with God as eternity. Suppose we were to signify eternity by using a little dot, because that is the best way to manifest everything that is. Eternity just IS; it is just a period.

Now, let us enlarge this dot to a circle, because the shape has to stay the same. In other words the likeness of something has to come out in the likeness of itself. So, as things started coming out of God, they had to contain the likeness or the shape of God. Now, this circle is also eternity, because God inhabits eternity.

Remember, eternity is not time; eternity has no beginning or end; it IS a beginning and end; that is why it has to be symbolized in a circle. If we want to express something that IS, it has to be a circle. Only a circle can be a beginning and end, but at the same time, not have a beginning and end.

God said He IS alpha and omega. Now, that makes us alpha people as well as omega people. We were first with God, in the beginning, giving God the light, and we are the omega that shall finish the pattern of the old, fallen genetic Adam nature, in whose ending is another beginning.

When we complete the genetic pattern of the old Adamic nature, we then begin in the new genetic pattern of God. That is how we become a new creation in Christ.


We are of that order that has no beginning nor end of days; it is the same order as Melchizedek, priest of the Most High God.

Melchizedek first appeared in scripture in GENESIS 14:18 where he brought out the bread and the wine, the body and the blood.

Now, The curious question is, "Who gave Melchizedek the physical embodiment to meet Abraham?"

We are the ones who gave him his embodiment. We have always been his embodiment as Melchizedek, the Christ who had not beginning nor end. Every time Melchizedek or the Christ has had an embodiment, the embodiment came out of the very structured thought patterns of God that were the sons of Wisdom. In other words, every time a house needed to be built for spirit, Wisdom built the house.


In order to understand the building of a "house," let us return to the idea of the circle. Imagine this circle passing through the firmament and being brought down. That word firmament comes from a word that means to pound or expand by hammering. Now, as this circle approaches this level, which we define as earth, it becomes enclosed in time and space. Everything at this level becomes wrapped or framed or hammered or pressed in time.

We have framed eternity! The carnal life is a framed life. We are a framed people. We get up in the morning and have to allow for enough time to eat breakfast and get ready for work. Then when we get home from work, we need enough time to get dinner and get our house chores done. So we have enough time to sleep, so we have enough time to wake up and find enough time to get breakfast, so we have enough time to get to work... Weíre hammered! Weíre framed! Weíre pressed! Weíre squared!

As spirit approaches this level, that which is contained within itself is drawn to itself. It is attracted into itself and knowing no time, finds itself framed in little minute particles called atoms.

Now, it has become square, because it has become framed - four sides make a square. Again, being attracted to themselves by time, these minute atoms framed themselves into molecules, which, in turn, framed themselves into cells. Then, the like cells became attracted to each other and became physical organs or physical manifestations of whatever they were supposed to be.

Square particles cannot move with the speed that round particles can move - imagine a car with square wheels. So it is in this framing, this squaring process, that the light particles become slowed to the point at which they become visible.


Now, this "house plan" is going to work the same way within us. When our masculine and feminine come together, Wisdom will build her house.

What is her house? It is our new cellular pattern which will come from the original thought patterns of God where this is all held. Just as the cell holds the DNA, which contains the physical and behavioral traits, this new cellular pattern will result in youthful appearance and longevity.

The key to this whole thing is to pierce back into Godís original pattern within us.


We now understand how things have become materialized on this earth plane. It is also on this earth plane of consciousness that the serpent made its appearance and injected its venom into the genetics of God and rearranged His pattern.

This one incident has misdirected the entire world, because it has been handed down in our thinking from generation to generation.


The change will come when we change our thought patterns and become creative thinkers. We will no longer think what we want, but we will think in alignment with the Father. He has already done it and has sat down and rested after He thought it all out.

We have been begging and crying and asking and searching and seeking. He is waiting for us to get over all that carrying on and enter our day of rest and realize that when we think in the alignment of Godís purpose and Godís will, and have the mind of wisdom in us, the plan cannot help but take form. We can rest assuredly that it will take form and manifest.

We have to come forth as new creation creators who, just like the pattern Son, do not think outside of the alignment, purpose, and plan of Godís wisdom. We will pierce back into Godís original thought patterns to reproduce genetically a new creation species.

Blessings, David


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