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David Hulse is an extraordinary servant leader. His own considerable journey of enlightenment and liberation enables him to minister to many who hunger and thirst for similar spiritual growth and development. He is a visionary on the leading edge of precisely what is needed in today’s world of religion and spirituality - enabling those on the sacred quest to discover the love and the power inherent in being spiritualized matter and materialized spirit.

• L. Robert Keck, PhD. - Author, Sacred Eyes

Rev. David Hulse is bringing good news to the world. From the deep and vibrant root of fundamental faith he is growing a new branch that can carry humanity forward to the very threshold of the Tree of Life. He is originating a "new fundamentalism" that combines creation and evolution, as humanity matures from child to heir, joint heir with Christ. His charismatic style, loving nature and open mind make of him a leading spiritual guide for our time.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author "The Revelation: Our Crisis Is A Birth" and Co-Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution In California

Thank you coming back to Unity of Tallahassee for a second visit. It keeps getting better. I am especially delighted when we have a presenter who stimulates and challenges not only our congregation, but also me to look at the Truth we teach in new and fresh ways. I certainly look forward to our next opportunity to experience your presence and be blessed by Spirit working through you.

- Bill Williams, Minister - Unity of Tallahassee

David’s life is a ministry of love which has lead to his own self evolvement. The product is an inspired student and teacher of God who brings to us individually and in groups the healing wisdom of God’s love. From orthodoxy to esoteric mysticism and through science, David is able to share the experience of his own research, learning, and growth which propels the listener and participant into self evolvement. Witnessing his ministry and knowing him as a friend has been a blessing for me in my own journey.

• Vernon M. Sylvest, MD, Medical Director, Laboratory Corporation of America, Richmond, VA -  Author of "The Formula: Who Gets Sick, Who Gets Well, Who Is Happy, Who Is Unhappy and Why!"

It was a delight, as usual, to have you speak at our church. Everyone loves you and your presentation. The feedback was very positive and my congregation is waiting for your return. Your material is captivating and the quality of your workshop is superior. I enjoy your sense of humor and the way that you are able to weave together the knowledge you have on where we are headed as a planet. Thank you again. I always know we are in good hands when you are speaking.

• Rev. Mary Ann Trifaro - Science of Mind Center for Positive Living, Warwick, RI

Since David first spoke at The Miracle Center, many of us have caught his vision of the future and have committed at an even deeper level to consciously bring more Light to the earth. We appreciate his willingness to listen moment by moment to the Holy Spirit and immediately share those words. I truly appreciate David Hulse’s inspired teachings.

• Kay Narron - Minister of the Miracle (ACIM) Center in Richmond, VA

Every time I think of David Hulse, I’m at a loss for words. How does one describe one so giving and so gifted? He is sincere and real; intellectually probing, honest, straight-talking and courageous; his presentation ranges from a quiet stillness in which you could hear a pin drop, to a rollicking evangelistic crusade style; I think of David Hulse as a cross between Deepak Chopra and Billy Graham; he is a Bible scholar with a background as a fundamentalist minister; he has a passionate commitment to truth, an intellectual honesty with a driving desire to know, and to share, God in a very real sense; personable and humorous; he has a unique blend of Biblical scholarship with a new age message, and even brings in quantum physics and the latest in scientific findings. I love, honor and respect David Hulse.

Tom Havnaer, Council Minister, Brigade of Light in Charlotte, NC


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