God Becoming

by David Hulse, D.D. from www.lightwithin.com

The proper use of consciousness is to bring us back into the reality of who we are in our relationship with Mother/Father God. Words are not sufficient to fully express an experience. This is not a revelation, it is an experience, and words will always fall short of the experience.

We are perfect, because we are created in the image and likeness of Mother/Father God who is perfect. Therefore, we are perfect, only because God is perfect. Somehow, religion has made us think perfection is something we obtain outside of God. Through works or law, and it has never been accomplished. I am sure you have known some dedicated souls who have tried to live every jot and tittle of the bible, the bylaws of their church and have still left this earthplane in an imperfect physical state.

There is only one God. So, I have to love my neighbor as myself because my neighbor is myself. You have to stop loving people on an individual basis when you are coming from Christ consciousness. To be spiritually minded causes you to love the only begotten Son. Donít look at people individually; donít decide if you like them or donít like them, or if they fit a certain ideal or mold, society, religion or culture. You find out that in loving the true self that you love the entire universal Self. That is what Jesus was talking about when He said to love your neighbor as yourself!

Once we can look past all the imperfections in the world of appearance then we can see that the things that we think we donít have already exist. Thatís a hard one! It is at that point we are able, by faith, to look into the real world that God has created, come back into a world that appears that nothing exists, and call those things that are not as though they were. Thatís Faith! All this name it and claim it stuff is not what I am talking about. That is just another belief system. I am not talking about belief Ė I am talking about faith! Faith is being able to experience the real world that Mother/father God has created in a perfect state; come back into this human experience into which that perfect state has not manifested; and call those things that isnít as though they were, because they really are! That is when a creative word is spoken. Thatís when faith is substance. Not empty, vain beliefs, but substance. As you begin to draw upon that substance, and create from that substance, you start realizing that you cannot make the imperfect perfect, but you can let perfection become perfect!

It is so important that we understand the difference between when something is and when something is becoming what it is. How can we understand Mother/Father God if we canít understand this? It is impossible to understand what creation is all about until we understand that there is a God that is everything; but at the same time nothing. There was a void with a God who was everything, but had become nothing.

So, you are love. You are God and you are Love. If you are love and you were the only thing that existed, wouldnít there be a need in you to love something? God wants to experience what He is. He needs a mirror Ė something to look into and see what He is. So he started becoming what He is. That is what the son of God is Ė God becoming!

Thatís what wrong in our life out here in the outer world. For years Iíve said that the spirit canít get sick, the spirit canít die; those are wonderful things, but it doesnít do us any good out here in our earth body. The reason is that most of us think that the premise for changing our humanity is from the level of our humanity. The premise is not from humanity, but from the true self that you are Ė which already exists. Until you can find that you will find no changes out here. You will not make changes out here by working out here. I think one of the greatest biblical sayings is that you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling. You have got to work out that which is already in you, out of you! Until what is in the inner appears in the outer and swallows it up Ė immortality swallowing up mortality. The only way immortality manifests in your outer biological life is by recognizing that the true self is immortal. Immortality is not something to attain, it is something to recognize and allow it to awaken in us and let it start the process of becoming what it is. You cannot work with the imperfect and make it perfect. You have to work with the perfect and make it perfect. Again Ė nothing can become anything but what it is.

Thatís why the essence of man is Spirit. Period! Spirit is God, because God could only produce Itself. When God became something, It became Itself. Man is what God became and what God became is what you are. Your being is in what God became. This is why we never totally became 100% of what God is. We are God, created. Even though we are a creature and share the creative aspect, which is extended to us by our Creator, we are never the same state of being that He is. Our state of being starts when God became Ė then we were. So it is you that make God become what He is. Thatís manís place in the creative aspect. In the creative act, man is the thing that God forms Himself in so that She can become what He is in Her sons/daughters.

Instead we are busy forming ourselves to become better Christians, or forming ourselves to become better this or that, and we have left letting God manifest through us because we are so busy manifesting ourselves into something "good". How much energy have we spent trying to be "good"? No wonder, Jesus said, "Do not call me good. I did not come to manifest good in the flesh, but I came to manifest God in the flesh."

Man is the thing that makes God complete. The Literal Concordant version says that man is Godís complement. We have come out of the religions that have brain washed us to think that God doesnít need anybody. This is part of the fear tactic to make you think that God doesnít need you and that He would rather throw you in hell, leave you there, and throw away the key. God does need man as man needs God.

I will reiterate. God is the totality of all that is. Nothing made God What It is, He/She just is. God goes through a process of becoming what he is through man. Man is the product of God becoming what He is, and they are one. In that process of becoming there is a level that is not focused on very much, and that is the something that is between spirit and form. Man is the formation of God, but between that is the place of intelligence, mind, of God becoming. Spirit becoming intelligence. Spirit becoming thought and then the thought becoming flesh. There is an intelligence that is able to receive your reality. That is what we are heading back to, our beginning. Everything is returning back to God who gave it. We have to understand our end by understanding our beginning because they are the same thing. You are going to end up right where you began. The truth is that you never left there!

I want you to experience your perfection. You are perfect because He/She is perfect. You are holy because Mother/Father God is holy. I donít care what it appears like. We may appear to be the most unholy people, but quit working on shadows to try to make something. Quit trying to work with illusions to make them something. Work with reality; work with what is.

The first thing we do with our I AMness is abort it and put all kind of titles and names on it until it doesnít know what it is. Thatís what Adam does, takes what God makes and recreates it into the image of society, in the image of religion, and so on. I realize our children have to be taught to deal in this world, but never take their I AMness away from them. Never take their deity away from them. Never take that something that they bring with them into the body.

It is vast and a lot to be re-taught. Soon I will be ministering 36 years and I know you didnít get where you are overnight. Many of us have set in the churches many years being taught the traditions of men. The house of Saul has been very strong, but the house of David is becoming stronger. The house of Saul is becoming weaker and weaker.

I desire you to be able to say these things and you need me to be able to say this. I can no longer be part of a group that I cannot enter a relationship with. I am not looking for just a place to speak, I am looking for lasting relationship that we can build on and grow together.

Itís time to undo time. I donít mean to discourage you, for time has been speeded up. It has taken longer to go up the hill than it will be to go down it. To climb the hill of tradition took a long time to get up, but it will be much faster getting down. It will be cut short in righteousness. Donít think it will take another twenty to forty years. Thatís not true. It may have taken that long to get indoctrinated by man, but it wonít take that long to get un- indoctrinated.

A lot will be done in this decade. I was told recently that we would soon be aware of a new communication system arising within us in which we will not communicate first by words, but by an inner knowingness. It is being unleashed in the cells of the body It will not come from the brain. That doesnít mean we will be a wordless people, but it will mean that we will use words about what we have already intuitively communicated, giving the words greater power. In other words, you will know who I am not by the words I am saying, but you will know what I am from an experiential level. You will know it intuitively. The Christ intelligence in me and the Christ intelligence in you, is the same intelligence. You will know even as I am known.

Blessings to each of you - David


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