Remember Your Contracts – Regret Nothing

By David Hulse, D.D. 

Transcribed from March 2002 Tape-of-the-Month by Faye Stomm and edited by Linda Norton.

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We must release the idea that we contain that which has no beginning and has no ending, and that which has never been birthed and that which never dies.  How arrogant that we think we could contain it in a philosophy, in a revelation, in a theology, or in a perception.  Release it and let it go.   We don’t have to understand it intellectually, we just know and remember that this is where we came from; that this is the expression of itself in a lower frequency within the parameters of a planet we call earth. 

Sometimes it is what appears to be the insignificant pebble that is near an ocean or a lake that is dropped in that causes an affect that radiates hundreds or thousands of times the size of the physical pebble that hits the water.  The Universe does not need hundreds or thousands of bodies to affect change. Collectively, let us be that pebble that is dropped into the collective unconscious of a planet called Earth that causes a ripple in collective unconsciousness until it is felt in the consciousness of a planet.

I know what is meant in the saying:  “I will come as thief in the night in an hour and a day that they think not..."  Are we  willing to be that today?  We ask not for ourselves, but we ask that we become a collective, earthly vessel to channel the manifestation of the vibration of pure love.  We ask the spiritual beings, whether they be angels or guides,  who are being assisted by the Holy Spirit to draw unto us that which is anointed into our atmosphere of consciousness.  We're open to it without fear.  We ask only for the assistance and the highest good. The purpose and the plan of this planet has been disrupted because we have misused our free will into ways of greed and fear, into ways of patriarchy and dominion, and domestication and reductionism.  We declare our day of adolescence is over and it is time to grow up in the eleventh hour - to wake up.  When enough of us will wake up, we will grow up to be the seed of intervention - the Christ consciousness - all the way to the cellular level.  We who are connecting at this time with the openness of a child, receive the responsibility of co-creating a new earth.  Underneath all the theologies and doctrines of religion, the reality of who God truly is comes out of the closet; for we prayed to it in secret and entered into our closets of the subconscious, but no longer will that be held in secret.   Everything that has been in secret shall be revealed and shouted from the housetops.  We are getting ourselves ready with the help of the Holy Spirit  for the changes taking place in our lives - strategic changes so we can be in the right place at the right time.  We are finding the dance of Shiva again - the dance of life.  We are finding the rhythms of creation itself as it transforms itself to the next level.  And when we do, it will no longer be through our mental works, but it will be through the effortlessness of the spirit - for it is our Father (and Divine Mother’s) good pleasure to give us the things of the kingdom. 

We ask not for these things to be done, we ask only for the removing of the blockages that keeps these things from manifesting all the way to the cellular level.  With each breath that we take, we now let go of a different blockage, a different thought form that we have validated into the neurons of our brain that has been passed into the neurological system and has ended up in our energy bodies.  These blockages are already manifesting in many energy bodies at the cellular level.  We ask for the healing and removing of these blockages that have made it all the way to the etheric body before they manifest in the physical body.  We ask that they be loosed from anything that would manifest as dissonance: Cancer is dissonance, diabetes is dissonance, headaches are dissonance, kidney problems are dissonance, etc.

When we lose the rhythm of the spirit and the melody of the soul, then you have lost the harmony (health) of the body.  As an orchestra has to tune its instruments, we have to tune the energy patterns of out body that make up our biology.  Tuning forks (or other energy modalities) can be used  to tune up like an orchestra so that when all the diversity within the different instruments come together they make a wonderful harmonious sound that lifts us into realms and heights of heaven.

I choose to no longer call this place in consciousness my home.   We have not fully descended into earth (humanity), nor have we ascended it into the heavens.  We have lived in this middle place (purgatory) of this spectrum of vibrational frequency.  We have been caught in this place where we are miserable and that misery is talking to us.  We will not turn a deaf ear, we will face the dissonance, and we will face the disharmony.  We will face the misery of our lives, because we must not pitch our tent this side of the land that has been promised to us.

“You, my people, will not come short of the glory.  And it is not that I will make you, but it is because you have chosen not to come short before you ever incarnated into this incarnation.  I have made you do nothing, I have only asked and you said, “Yes”.  Ask that part of your mind that is connected to me that you call the Holy Spirit.  Ask it right now to help you remember your contract.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember what you said yes to before you came and in the moment that you understand it, you will be set free of psychological baggage that you still carry.  ‘I have heard you cry out in the late hours, why me, why this abuse, why this rejection.’   But I want you to know you have chosen your path as a spiritual being in this human experience.  I want you to know that everyone you have attracted into your life has played a part, has been a teacher for you.  I want you to release them and not hold them.  Some of you are retaining the energy of people that you have not even seen in years, but you continue to hold them in consciousness.  You must understand that your healing will be their healing.  When the healing of your mind takes place, the healing of your brother takes place.  For all minds are in communication at a very deep level.  What is loosed in your heavens will be loosed on earth.    REGRET NOTHING.  Never wish it could have been any different.  Embrace it - embrace it!  Breathe deeply and embody your life that you have had on this planet.  Embody your life that you are having now.  Embrace the experiences you are going through right now and the challenges.  Everything that is going on is me talking to you.  Sometimes you don’t hear when I whisper in a still small voice.  Sometimes I have to really raise my voice, and when I raise my voice, there is dissonance in your life, there is lack in your life, there is longing in your life.  That is me shouting, WAKE UP AND SHAKE YOURSELF from the dust.  Don’t run from my voice.  You will not need to go through anymore if you will just embrace and be inclusive and not exclude what you find uncomfortable. 

There are many things  in your belief system that you have validated in error.  They will  be changed in the months to come.   And yes, you must bless that part that is dying out, that which is going, that no longer serves you.  And I would have you to know a great secret: the most ironic thing about your life is that the very thing you keep holding on to is the very thing that has caused you the most pain, because you have laid with it so long, you have taken on an identity with it.  You have even integrated the wound into your language, even connected with people through the language of these hurts and wounds.  You feed each other emotionally as consciousness feeds consciousness.  I would just have you be aware of the little foxes that spoil the vine, of the subtle things that you don’t sometimes connect with in consciousness, that you want to overlook, sweep it under the rug so to speak.  But now it is not just tuning, but fine tuning that is taking place - you and the instrument that plays the song that no man can learn - the instrument that will break forth a sound and melody that are the building blocks of the very universe itself.  I have given you what has only been held from you over 1,700 years, locked up in basements of monasteries and in the archives of religion.  I have bypassed the power of the pulpits and the labels of those who hold the religious system and I have come and have found sacred space in you to be born.  I have knocked upon their doors, the doors of their consciousness, and they have not opened them to me.  But I have knocked upon your doors, and you have opened your doors.  I understand that you have not fully comprehended the exact responsibility that would come, but I want you to know that I will help you in this time of responsibility.  I will help you to make it through – I and those I come with.  Did I not tell you that when I come, I will come with tens of thousands.  I do not come alone, I come with a whole spiritual order of light beings that are with me at this time.  I told you I would never be alone again.  Two thousand years ago I stood alone, but I said, ‘I will become the seed that falls into good ground, and I will produce much fruit after my own kind.’  We’ve waited for the sound of the last trumpet, and now we are coming into your atmosphere.  We have just passed through the lower fourth dimension that has been the home of the entities controlling your planet, and that is why they are stirred up now.  That is why you are seeing what you are seeing, because as we passed through them, they realized their time is short, because we have already dealt with that realm for you.  They are stirred up and they are flexing their muscles, knowing all along that their time is over for controling planet Earth, and there will be a shift of power on this planet and the GLORY of the most heavenly Creator will fill this Earth as the waters cover the sea.  And this EARTH shall shine seven times brighter than your sun.  You will become a star, not a planet, you will become a sun as I move you back into your true orbit around the major sun of Pleiades.”


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