Riding the Fractal Waves of Glory

By David Hulse D.D.

The following came through me at a meeting in Sedona, AZ. I believe it contains an important message for us at this time. I humbly share it with you:

Letís go to that very quiet, special place inside where words and language cannot follow us; where concepts and theologies cannot follow us; where philosophies or revelations of truth cannot follow us. Letís go to a place in which we find that awesome silence of just being in the presence, and feel your oneness with life.

Feel your oneness with life. Feel your oneness with Source. I desire a relationship with you. I do not need you to bow down to me, but to walk into me until there is no more me and there is no more you. Let the old be undone. Release it and let it go. Know that you are no longer responsible for other peopleís paths. Even your children, who came through you (not from you), belong to a higher power, or larger picture.

Be careful of the egoís version of love for it is controlling and carries an agenda with it that will only take away from the energy you could use to collapse time for yourself. You donít need to go through additional lifetimes, but can know it all in this one if you will release, undo and let go of the old.

As you move closer and closer to the place of no thought, immerse yourself into the unused potential of yourself. Move into that virgin energy which is untapped by culture - and un-penetrated by religion or society. This is why I have withheld the experience of the totality of love in this world from you. I have only let you know by degrees because it has been reserved for this time. This is the time when I truly desire to fill the fullness of your temple with my glory and presence until nothing of the old ministry can stand in the presence of this greater glory.

"Iíve gone to prepare a place for you that where I am, you may be also." I invite you to be there now. It is only with divine feeling Ė a knowing way. It is not you thinking. It is Me thinking as you. These thoughts will not stay inside. They know no time and space and will not stay within the perimeters of dimension, but will emanate and radiate to places in the universe that you could not even comprehend. These thoughts are not limited to planetary status, for you are reaching a universal status.

In the millennium to come, I will teach you how to travel this universe and ride my thoughts. You will surf the fractal waves of my glory and you will ride the eddies of my light and know no linear dimensions of time and space, but shall move through the parallel dimensions and universes by riding my thoughts that desire to come up in you. You have misunderstood these thoughts many times as they tried to rise in you. They caused you fear because you interpreted them through the ego as fear. But today, I invite you to receive Me into the deeper parts of the core of self; into the center of the "I" that I AM. Do not be afraid to go there. You are no longer a caterpillar. You are a butterfly. Spread your wings and soar into those potentials that I have placed in you.

This is what you have called the extension of praise into worship. It will be a vibration that I give you to move with, that shall bring you into new uncharted territory of your own capacities. You will explore places of such brilliant light and color that you will know that you have really never seen color before; that third dimensional sense of color is dead or flat by comparison. You will see it in its dance and fluctuation and enter into this dance of light, sound and color. You have no idea as to the places that are open to you to experience in yourself. As you enter into these places, you will really know and realize how unimportant and mundane many of your fears and worries have been. They will seem as nothing to you.

I have brought you on paths that will now all come together in a great integration to make a glorious harmony. In a very short time (as you know time) you will see all of your experience come together into a present experience and you will have a cellular knowing and understanding of everything that has happened in your life stream. This will empower you in ways that are incomprehensible by the limited mind. In this moment, you will be healed of all regrets; all desires or wishes that it had been anything different. You will learn to have a peace and understanding out of the experiences of your life. You will see that each thing was a lesson in your life that has molded and shaped you at this hour. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE WHO YOU ARE. Just do not give it to your ego to perceive it as something that would make you proud and separate you. Instead, use it as something that would blend you into the oneness of all life.

It is time to come together again. Many of you have been in the desert and have gone through the wildernesses. I have heard your cries. I have even seen the anger that came from you when you wondered why I have not intervened and answered many of your petitions and prayers. You will soon understand why I have withheld these answers as I teach you this rhythm. I will teach you this frequency and vibration, and you will soon go in and never come out. There will be no more going in and no more going out as you stay in this rhythm of My life being made manifest through your livingness. I gave you life. You give me a living. Together, we will give light and life to the planet.



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