Self-Respect: A Dynamic Force of Transformation

By David Hulse, D.D.

The intelligence of the true Source is above intellect and cannot be defined nor contained in the symbols of language. When universal spirit became, it became an individualized self.  Human form, in its present state, is merely a manifestation of mistranslated perceptions void of understanding the true Source.  The physical body, as it is today, is not the original design.  It is a display of misplaced insight formed by a foggy consciousness that projects its own dis - ease as sickness in the body.

Every cell carries its own blueprint.  The pure blueprint man inherited from his creator contains the essence of intelligence that was extended into physical form.  This life-force continually moves through man seeking manifestation at a cellular level. It is not information or intellectual knowledge, but the very essence of the creative aspect. As it is permitted entrance, through alignment and true intuitive knowing, hard core FACTS that were forgotten or drowned out by the opinions of the masses for thousands of years are first contemplated, then remembered.

The original blueprint is capable of materializing a mentality of both wisdom and common sense in physical form. Each time original thought touches inherent intelligence, even for a brief moment, both the physical and mental frequencies undergo major adjustment.  At some point, each of those brief encounters build to a point of tipping the scales to eventually become a physical expression.  

The function of the pineal gland is to receive information.  This portion of the brain receives data both from within and without and has no capacity to judge good or bad.  When programming originates from the lie of separation and learned behavior is received, it penetrates into the pureness of individualized energy. This penetration interrupts the creative process of the original life-force through rearrangement. Harmony is disrupted, yet the creative principal continues to operate.  Order is rearranged into a misdirected pattern of creation and a strand of energy in the physical body called DNA picks up the message.

The DNA is a neurotransmitter or spiritualized nerve center that transmits the information from the pineal gland and takes it into heavier condensed matter to make a physical cell. When the blueprint is tampered with, which is done by the nature of mans thinking, the DNA can only form the transmissions received.  This becomes an inferior blueprint.  The inferior blueprint is void of pure intelligence, thus an inferior weakened cell is formed.  The immune system extends its energy to the max, thus becoming overworked in an attempt to guard and protect against disease.  By the age of twenty-six, the immune system begins to lose the battle and in due time destroys itself attempting to protect the inferior cells constructed from the nature of thinking.

These are subtle deep happenings that occur beyond conscious thought.  You may, with great confidence and sincerity, attempt to never think or voice negative feelings or expectations.  However, the mental discipline of positive thinking or positive confession is not enough as long as thoughts and words originate from the programmings of mortal judgment.  Here is seen the principal of cause and effect.  Only as the root cause is adjusted can the effect be altered.  Deep down in the root belief systems, before conscious memory, man was told he was separate and inferior to his creator.  Changing words and actions, in honest effort, does not necessarily produce the quality of life desired.

Although an attempt is made to alter the blueprint, it continues to process the same inferior cells recreating from the root assumption it was programmed with before conscious thought.  Mental discipline can produce a degree of results, but, when mental discipline becomes intense desire, it shifts from the mind to the physical, penetrating the DNA records of pure intelligence.  The immune system then BEGINS to cleanse itself of imperfect cells.  The sentence of death executed by the law of separation can be reversed as the inferior cells that produce disease become polarized of negative polarity.  It is possible for the original life force to be pierced and reissued back into man as a pure opportunity to live. 

Over a period of thousands of years, the blueprint has been constantly rearranged. For example, the emotion of respect was rearranged and now manifests as insecurity and low self esteem by using negative polarity. However, as man discovers and understands the true SELF, a new feeling of respect emerges.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to say and mean it, I am proud of me!  Physical existence becomes quality life as man discovers and becomes his own true identity.  This is not a mystical happening but the natural results of ones own thoughts, feelings and desires rearranging mental and physical frequencies!

Genuine change is never an instant occurrence, but a reversal begins and excels with momentum.  Respect is a dynamic force of self-transformation.  As man awakens to the fact that he really is okay, the games of self-destruction end, and tears no longer flow.  The valley of humiliation can literally be transcended by self-respect.  SELF-RESPECT?  Here lies a clue to solving a once great mystery.  As a person is true to his own thoughts and feelings, a sense of pride emerges.  It then becomes possible to experience self-respect in a manner that literally revolutionizes the capacity to consistently REMAIN on the path of Self-discovery.

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