Special Events:

 20th Annual Retreat and 50th Anniversary Celebration
- Labor Day Weekend 2011 - Dayton OH

Celebration: Milestones and Transitions!

More pictures from Mary Lou...

19th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat

September 3-6 - Dayton OH

Exploring 2012 and Beyond:
The Lazy Man's Guide to the Collapse of Time

18th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat - Bergamo Center - Dayton OH - September 4-7, 2009

A Time to Unite and Transform Through The Power of Love!

17th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat
Bergamo Center - Dayton OH - August 29 - September 1 2008
"The Next Step In Our BioConscious Journey"


Below are pictures from the last few retreats...

David Hulse and Light Within present the 16th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat 2007 
 “Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit with Ageless Wisdom"

Note from a new participant this year: I want to thank you and David for the wonderful retreat in Dayton.  Everything about the organization of events, the practitioners, especially David's lectures, which are brilliant and expand on my own studies, was perfect.  You were the quiet and extremely competent behind the scenes person that made everything run so smoothly for the participants.  So, thank you both for such a spiritually energizing few days.  The talent show was the frosting on the cake.  By the way, the Bergamo Center is a great place for your event.  The serene setting was so conducive to going inward. - E.W. - Florida

David hugging fire during the Saturday Evening Sacred Fire Ceremony.

15th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat 2006

Dayton OH - September 1-4

We enjoyed the 15th Annual Talent Show, Intimate Discussions, Great Music, Drumming, Chakra Movie, Fellowship and more... Guest Speaker was Rainbow Eagle


14th Annual Retreat 2005

Imagine sitting around the table sharing your experiences with others of like mind surrounded by a meditation garden with lots of trees, flowers, singing birds and gently flowing fountains.    Imagine being part of a spiritual discussion in the sunroom surrounded by windows overlooking the beautiful garden with the birds coming back and forth to their feeder.  Imagine sitting in a sky lit room listening to David as he merges science and spirituality.  That is what participants of the 14th Annual Retreat experienced over Labor Day Weekend.  Make plans to join us for the next Labor Day Weekend Retreat - A Light Within Tradition...

"Living with Synergy"

Merging Science, Sound & Spirituality

13th Annual Labor Day Retreat

Over Labor Day Weekend 2004 we hosted our 13th Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat at the Bergamo Center in Dayton, OH. It was a transformative weekend with our guest speaker John Beaulieu, ND, Ph.D. - BioSonics Creator. He is doing cutting edge research in the area of Nitric Oxide release in the human cells, and spoke on "Sounds, Molecules, and Consciousness."

"Let Wisdom Build Your House" - 12th Annual Labor Day Retreat Highlights

Retreat 2003 Lightworkers!

Our 12th Annual Retreat was held over Labor Day Weekend 2003 in Dayton, OH. It was a powerful, non-stop, whirlwind of singing, laughing and inspiring messages from Spirit. Thank you to those that contributed their energy to make this one of the best Retreat’s yet! The audio tapes are available and listed on the reverse of this letter. I really appreciated the contributions by my new friends David Fish, Lyndsey Watson and Lauren Lane Powell. They brought new insights on ways we can re-build our house with wisdom, sound and song!

As spiritual beings having a human experience, taking time to reflect on the quality of that experience can be a transforming event in our heroic journey.

That's what Retreat 2003 was all about! We separated from the everyday world, empowered ourselves through workshops and seminars that focused on Building Our Lives Based on Higher Perspectives, and then we returned to the world with a deeper understanding of ourselves and our responsibility to the world around us.

Retreat 2003 Practitioners: David Fish, Lauren Lane Powell, David Hulse,
Robert & Marietta Pickett, Lyndsey Watson, Tina Perkins & Martie Bolton.

11th Annual Labor Day 2002 Retreat Highlights

Claiming Your Power - Turning Chaos into Destiny!

Retreat 2002 Participants!


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