Thoughts from Paul

By David Hulse, D.D.

I want to thank Darla Veal from Dallas, TX for bringing to my attention a very important event that took place a few years ago in Houston, TX. This is the closest experience that I have ever had to what many today call channelling. When we put together the 11th and 12th chapters of Hebrews, we see that the "cloud of witnesses" are those disembodied spirits who have chosen to remain with us and to be a part of the "utmost salvation." While speaking, I suddenly realized that the words were not mine but those of the Apostle Paul. This is what we heard Paul saying to us:

We only knew in part, therefore, why would you build your religions on what we said and not seek the other part in your time. We were looking through a glass darkly and stumbling to find many of the same answers that you are searching for now. Why would you freeze our speculations into dogmas of absolute truth? We thought it was in our time that this age would end by the coming of the fullness of the Christ, but it wasnít.

Yet as generations have come and gone you continue to reach back and say we had the absolute answers. Again your man-made religions will fail and your systems will fall just as they are falling today. Come into the present and bring us with you, donít hold us in the pages of your book, donít hold us in the frozen words of your languages that have been written. We are hungering to be in the present time with you. Let us come in and live with you. Open up and do not fear we who are in the spiritual world. Let us come, let us stand in your heart and speak. Let us be a part of the coming together of that - that is, that which was and that which will be. Let us speak.

I give honor unto that one that we call God - Jehovah - but I behold even the Most High. Beholding the Most High - it made my heart sing even beyond the oppression of the laws of my day. I tasted of a world (age) to come and I beheld an age in which you now stand in a physical body. We desire to come and be with you. We are your clouds of witnesses. We donít desire to share with you our experience, but we come to receive your experience. Come and let us reason together. Even hundreds of thousands of years ago many of us thought that we were right when we came and did certain things upon your planet earth. We did all that we knew to do, but we know we made errors in judgement due to the limitation of our own knowledge. We did not have the fullness and we misused even our own God extended will. Now we want to look into this salvation and we want to look into this that is coming forth out of the potential that is in you. We want to be a part of what is. Yet you would fear and deny us because we are not in bodies like your and you cannot perceive us through your five senses. You think we are not here - but we have been with you for a long time.

We have been the reason that youíve gone on - when in a physical body we would listen to you or touch you or talk to you. We - with the fluttering of our own spiritual wings - did flutter though your soul. You did find strength and you wondered where it came from when many of your spiritual leaders were saying that you were getting into false teachings and they took away your rights to teach Sunday school or took you out of the choir. When you did not know where you belonged, we were there trying to let you know that we are there with you. We wanted to move you along because your moving in time is our moving and what has been bound in heaven must be loosed on earth. You call this the day of love upon your planet, but many of you are still judging one another. Go within your own heart to experience that love in which no conditions are attached. Everyone needs to be exactly where they are. Come let us meet in the most Holy Place.

Let us come and take off our shoes and take off our limitations and take off our bindings of our own understandings. Let us move beyond our belief systems, for this is the very veil of your own flesh. It is not that which you call skin that is your flesh - it is the flesh of your own doctrines, belief systems and programings. I ask you to walk through what looks solid and what looks limited and what looks beyond and isnít. Today you can walk through these barriers, you can leave here, leave your meetings in a place that you were not when you came in. Do not underestimate who has connected and is living with us today.

We are here - we have made it through the global soul. We have made it through because you sent us Light and in the Light there has been a connection and we are not on the outside any longer. We are among you and we are also in you - for there is only One - the only begotten Son of the Most High. This is the day, this is your day - reach out and drink and eat and partake of that which you have called the kingdom of God within. A kingdom that is not meat or drink, but of peace and of joy. Be lifted up, even beyond the limitations of your own understanding. Look not at the information that has been given you from the outside but welcome with an openness and with no judgement that - that is being formed in you right now. Information is being formed in you that does not come from the realm of the earth but comes from the heavens and it shall be given to you, not to hid it within your own tent or within your own earth so you can say its in me - but so it can come forth from you. Even we who are yet on the outside want to connect with that which is on the inside. This cannot be done from the outside - it must be done from the inside.

Let us come - welcome us, we are and have been "Christed." We have been given that "Anointing" of an endless life. We are here to be a part of this great happening and this great shift that is to take place soon. We will help you as you help us. Amen.



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